1. Yogasanas have much wide ranging impact on human body, brain, mind and intellect.
2. Yogasanas give elasticity to our spine which  controls the entire nervous system and blood circulatory organs.
3. The mind becomes balanced and peaceful.
4. Yogasanas are very effective in throwing out all our body wastes and in activating our glands.
5. Improve mental power and help in controlling the sense organs.
6. Improve our resistance power against diseases, make the body more active and supple.
7. Blood circulation takes place more smoothly and properly.
8. By yogasanas and pranayamas, we increase the expansion and contraction of our lungs so that our lungs become capable of purifying more and more blood.
9. Blockages in the nerves  can be eliminated.
10.Flow of energy in our complex cerebral nerves can be increased.
Be Healthy Be Happy !!!